Beer For Babes

Ladies of the beer world unite!
Do you love craft beer? Are you curious about craft beer and want to learn what it’s all about? Do you want to show off some beer savvy to the dudes in your life?
If you’re a chica and these questions apply to you, please join me in Beer for Babes, New Jersey’s first women in beer group. Any experience level is welcome and no membership is required.
I leverage my extensive network to bring in the top presenters in the tri-state region to help me host events around the state every month or so. What kind of events? Beer and BBQ dinners, beer cocktail classes, beer and chocolate pairings, private brewery tours, brew days at production breweries ... Anything that's fun and informative and gets women together over a healthy pursuit. Please sign up for the mailing list, follow the Babes on Twitter and hang out with us on our Facebook page and group. Also check out Barley’s Angels, the international umbrella organization for women in beer groups that we’re part of. See you soon!

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